Hawaii's #1 Brand for Local Snacks

KTM Services, Inc. was founded in 1994 based on a dream the owner, Thanh, had in his heart. He wanted to see more snacks provided in the Hawaii market and felt he could be a small part of making it happen.

The Enjoy brand was born when one of Thanh's friends purchased some coffee candy and preserved seeds from KTM and gave it to the change girls on his Las Vegas trips. As he gave the snacks, he would say to them, “Enjoy.” When he shared this story with the company, they thought, “That is such a nice thing to say.” The brand Enjoy was born.

What We Did

KTM Service, Inc. aspired to refresh their online presence. The goals of this project were to:

  1. Build a website to undefinedacquire potential customers and retain existing customers
  2. Build a social media following on both Instagram and Facebook

We're happy to accomplish both of those goals.


KTM's team was looking for a new and user-friendly design. After discovery and multiple iterations, we designed the site to let the content speak for itself. With as much product diversity Enjoy Snacks has, we didn't want users to be frustrated or confused on their journey. So, we created something minimal.

Social Media

KTM's team needed a way to build a personal connection with its audience. We strategized together to help KTM push out content that resonated with its audience.

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