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Roasting World Class Aloha

Our vision is for the world to experience Hawaii’s “aloha spirit.” With everything we do, we believe in quality and sustainability. We accomplish this by producing gourmet, world-class coffee.

Hawaiian Paradise Coffee was launched in 2000 by Euram, Inc., a locally owned and operated equipment servicing company established in 1993. Since then, Hawaiian Paradise Coffee has become Hawai’i’s second largest foodservice coffee roaster by volume. As one of the state’s largest coffee suppliers, we are dedicated to providing the best quality and variety in our blends in the most sustainable way possible.

Our fresh coffee – delivered daily from our state-of-the-art roasting facility – is enjoyed in a variety of restaurants, cafés, and hotel chains across the islands. From The Ritz-Carlton (Kapalua), Marriott Hotels in Hawai’i, Zippy’s Restaurants, Halekulani and Hilton to iHop, Cheesecake Factory and Jack in the Box chains, we satisfy an extensive range of consumers due to our wonderful assortment of pure estates, flavored coffee, and signature blends. Enjoy Hawaiian Paradise Coffee when you’re on the sea; you can have our coffee on the Star of Honolulu Cruise.

As our company continues to grow, we look forward to living up to our success and take passion in our duty to providing consumers from around the world with the finest beans blended with true Aloha.


Sustainability is at the core of who we are and what we do. Our manufacturing facilities and offices are 100% photovoltaic, from energy efficient lighting throughout with electric forklifts, the half million dollar solar photovoltaic system offsets / produces all the energy needed to run our facilities.

We take pride in being Hawaii’s #1 eco-friendly Hawaiian coffee company, demonstrated through our photovoltaic-paneled, 28,000 sq ft. facility and our fleet of hybrid-powered company vehicles to name a few.

In addition, we go through great length to ensure our coffee is sourced from reputable local farmers who practice sustainable agricultural and growing practices. A significant amount of our coffees are Rainforest Certified. We believe and strive to accomplish all this to build a more sustainable Hawaii.

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