Hawaii's First App for In-home Care Services

Vencer is a win-win-win solution. Caregivers and health providers can get their lives back, and the patient gets the care he or she needs.

Gone are the days when you had to schedule and travel to outpatient facilities to get basic care. It's unnecessarily costly, and it disrupts our daily lives. Plus, finding a care provider on the same day is nearly impossible. Enter Vencer.

Vencer bridges the gap between providers and clients. All of Vencer's verified health providers make their own schedule so that you can have access to multiple providers at any given time. Vencer's app pairs you with the right provider at the right time.

What We Did

Vencer set out to be Hawaii's first app for in-home care services. The goals of this project were to:

  1. Build a website to educate and acquire potential providers and patients
  2. Create video content to quickly educate and call potential end-users to action

We're happy to accomplish both of those goals.


Vencer's team was looking for a contemporary, simple, and functional design. After discovery and multiple iterations, we designed the site to let the content speak for itself. With real, engaging images and subtle animations, users can easily understand who Vencer is, what Vencer does, and who Vencer serves.


Vencer's team needed a quick way to explain and persuade others about the value the Vencer app can provide. The best way to solve that was through capturing a real story and real situation.

  • There are three people: the health provider, the caregiver, and the patient
  • The provider wants freedom. The caregiver needs to work. The patient needs care.
  • Our video not only shows how the app works, but also how each person benefits from using the app.

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